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trailer N20B

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trailer N40

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trailer N40B

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trailer N50BX

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trailer N20T forage

N20T Forage

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N50T Forage

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header trailer safe transporter


Transport your header on the road safely to the field

If you are looking for premium and durable trailers, Nardi provides the support that you need.
All Nardi trailers have a high quality steel frame that garantuee high load capacity. The inclinated axle gives to trailer an high ground clearance from ground. The trailers are homologated for 40km/h.


Fits to all models

To fits all type of headers (corn, soybeans, sunflower and weat) it is available in neutral tone, dark grey color that fits to all combine frames. They are also available in color of your combine. Nardi transporters are available with suitable supports for headers.

header trailers Nardi harvesting transporter with perfect fitting
header trailer transporter Nardi Harvesting


Perfect ground reading, smooth tow in moving

All Nardi trailers have a perfect ground reading and smooth tow in moving


header trailers Nardi harvetsing transporters with safety belts


Safety comes first

The safety belt kit allow you to fasten the head to the trailer. It enable a high load capacity and is CE certified.


carrelli portabarra con parafango


Wheel and mudguard

Trailer wheels are protected with proof mud guard fixed on the frame.


Spare wheel

As optional, the trailer can be equipped with spare wheel that can be bolted to the frame.

carrello portabarra con ruota di scorta
carrello portabarra con supporto lampeggiante


Flashing support

Nardi trailers can be equipped with a support to hook the flashing.


Overrun brake

Nardi header trailers guarantee the maximum security with heavy headers thanks to its innovative and efficient braking system.
The overrun brake works on all 4 tandem wheels.

freno repulsore

Fast locking

carrelli con sistema di fast locking per ancoraggio testata


Fast locking standard

Sistema semplice e di lunga durata. Bloccaggio tramite perno metallico che scivola nella flangia femmina.


Autocentering fast locking

The autocentering fast locking system is a strong system with long life. It is very easy to operate. The metal pin spring assisted with autolocking system slides into a female flange to lock the head on supports.