combine header trailer for harvesting

Combine header trailer N60

N60 N40 Features Optionals Supports N60 combine header trailer Features 4 wheels TUV certified Up to 40 km/h Transportable maximum 8-14 rows8,3-12,9 mt Load capacity 2,9-4,4 mt Transportable maximum Transportable maximum Load capacity N60-2510 rows8,3 mt3,3 tN60-3012 rows9,8 mt4,3 tN60-3512 rows11,4 mt4,3 tN60-4014 rows12,9 mt4,8 t Adaptive support for each header It is designed to…

N20T combine trailer

Combine header trailer N20T

N20T N20T Features Optional Supports Combine header trailer N20T Features Telescopic 4 wheels Tractor / combine approved Up to 40 km/h 12 file Maximum transportable 11,4 mt Maximum transportable 3750 kg Load capacity 4700 kg Total mass FEATURES Tandem axle The choice to adopt the tandem axle start from a detailed study on behaviour of…


Combine header trailer N70

N70 Trailers Features Optionals Supports Mother regulation Approved for circulation in Russia Features Telescopic 4 wheels Up to 40 km/h 30 ft Maximum transportable 9,7 mt Maximum transportable 4050 kg Load capacity 5600 kg Total mass 40 ft Maximum transportable 12,7 mt Maximum transportable 4450 kg Load capacity 6500 kg Total mass Adaptive supports for…