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Combine header trailer N40B

carro portapeine N40 para todas las cosechadoras

Combine header trailer N40B

Combine header trailer

carro portapeine fijo


4 wheels

TUV certified

6 rows

Maximum transportable amount

6,6 mt / 20 ft

Maximum transportable

2000 kg / 4409 lb

Tractionable capacity


Lights bar
The combine header trailer is equipped with a lights bar which is uplifted compared to the tail.
The two side sections are fixed with anti-vibrations which allow the trailers to oscillate without folding it’s own structure of the trailer, in case of collision.

Adjustable hook
The telescopic frame trailer is equipped with adjustable hook. The towing eye is availabe as rotating or fixed.

carro portapeiene con Sistema fast locking - cierre rápido

Fast locking system
Fast locking is an innovative system to block the load. It offers maximum security/safety during the trip.

Little wheel
The header trailer is also equipped with a little wheel in iron. It is quickly adjustable in height and reclinable during the transport.


Universal support

combin e header trailer

Grain / Rice support

It is designed to be adaptable to all types of combines headers by a simple and rapid mechanical adjustment executable with a single key.
Extremely versatile, it’s possible to align it to any grain or corn headers through countless recording available on it. Sturdy and functional design make loading and unloading easier..
The trailer consists of two cradles fixed on its frame and 4 adjustable elements to fully accomodate the header.
Once the intial adjustment has been made, it is not necessary to align any component in the future.

Combine header trailer N40BX
Combine header trailer N40